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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yes, I've lacked in updating this for a week or so. I know, I'm terrible, but I have no readers to really apologize to.

Update on bunny progress: I've gotten all of the body parts done, one carrot, and one of the greens. Not much is left, and I should have gotten it done by now. Why haven't I? I'm sick, courtesty of my daughter. She started to get sick two Mondays ago, and she's almost all over it now. Then my husband got sick, and he got over it in a few days. Now I've been sick for about a week now, and it's taking a toll over what I get finished. Of course, when I want to sleep, I've got these lovely neighbors who find it fit to talk as loudly as they can outside.

Perhaps I should get motivated to do some things now.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm not quite sure why the link didn't work in the last post, but I'll figure that out later (edit: I have since been told the .jpg extention was somehow missing. Gah.)

Not much more progress on the bunnies. However, my aunt (my husband's aunt, actually) had decided to clear out her yarn stash, so there were probably 20+ skeins of yarn she was getting rid of. Unfortunately, much of it is acrylic, so I did not take a whole lot of it. I'm not too keen on acrylic, especially after working on all of those bunnies. Lots of Red Heart, Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and a few other things. My mother-in-law won a lot of yarn off of eBay, and it would be good for making socks. Those were in the stash because she was hoping they could be spun together to make a thicker yarn (which made me wonder, why didn't she just crochet with two pieces then?).

So here I was trying to widdle down my yarn stash, and I just greatly increased it, especially with the addition of those cones. By greatly, I mean I've got those four cones, some balls of cotton, and one skein of Wool-Ease.

I did finish my husband's chicken, and my daughter's was finished a while ago. After I finish these bunnies, I'll take a break from knitting. Which probably means just a week or so off :).

Friday, April 14, 2006

I've finally decided what I'm going to do with this blog, and it'll be a creative one.

I'm sure many of you have seen that link going around that said, "Beutiful art made with kintting" or something to that effect. I had done some research into it, and it wasn't knitting at all, but crochet. The artist is German soft sculptor Patricia Waller. Anyway, a friend of a friend had asked that friend if she could make the bunny impaled with a carrot. She said that she wouldn't be able to, but I was a "knitting guru" and she should ask me. I wouldn't ever claim to be that, but I agreed to make it. Now, that link mentioned earlier leads you to believe it's knitting, and that's why I agreed. When I found out it wasn't (and I don't know anything with crochet right now, except how to make a chain) I said I'd give it a shot by knitting it.

Much trial and error later, I had finished it. Once I posted it, I had been asked by someone to make three more. Here's the picture of the first one, and I'll take pictures of the others later. Apparently I am a celebrity in the commissioner's house.

Another project in process are chicken Easter egg cozies. As I've been bogged down with the additional bunnies, I haven't worked on these as much as I should have. Eventually I can post a pattern for those. Also in the works will be a knitted hedgehog. That's not even counting the countless other projects I have--snowman ornaments, a couple of cross stitch pieces I've been working on for around 6 years, and various other things.