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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I know I've been a bum about updating this, but quite honestly, I have had nothing to report. I've been working on Illyria's dress for ages, but it's just about complete now. Luckily, I think she should still be able to wear it by the time I am complete. Right now, I've just got to rip out the top of the front of the dress and reknit that (that won't take long at all, really) because I made it a little too high, and then I've got to add on the picot edging to the dress and bonnet, and finally I have to block and seam it.

Here are some pictures of the dress as I was blocking the back prior to finding out I had knit up too far.

I also still have to complete the hat, and my dad's dragon, and I have to get some work done on some Fibre-Craft mermaid pillow dolls for the girls. Those are crocheted, though, and I'm still working on getting that down.


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